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Working on a custom piece of art for Andrea in Canada

I got a commission for a large art piece recently from Canada. I had never made a Bunny Skates in white in the large size that was available so here we go. She is 42x60 and built on one of my custom box canvases. As we all know I am no woodworker so my frames have flaws, little nail heads, drips, and scratches to the wood. I personally think the frame makes the art as much as the image. I don't like my work on canvas. I put sweat, blood, tears (when i hit my hand with the hammer) sometimes into these pieces. Thanks so much Andrea your sale made my trip back to California possible and you saved me from these mosquitos.

Sweating in the 99 degree Florida swamp heat. You can't tell but I actually am dripping.

Nailing the frame and my finger

Glueing the frame together

Rains again

sanding the frame while dancing the mosquitos away

priming the frame

final paint

prepping the bunny for screening to the frame

Final photos will be posted in a couple days when I get my better camera out of storage for the final image.
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