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2 year anniversary at The Bubble

Come see my work in the show.

Link to the event:

The Anniversary
April 30th 2011

IWAN Concept Production Facility
Photo Media Installation /Food/Beverages/Art/Music/ Fashion /More

Live Performances by:
Doom De Pop
Pretty Please
Low Visibility
Raffa Jo (of Raffa & Rainer)
Rob Elba (of the Holy Terrors and Hearing Damage)
Brady Newbill
Black Weather Shaman
Loxahatchee Sinners Union

And more TBA!

DJ by:
Mig & Andy Sweet Swirl
(Of Digital Love)

Art n Vending by:

Sean Murdock
Cheryl Ann Jarosz
Luzalma Gonzalez
Mike Turner
Rachel DeJohn
Ulkria Ellie Davis
Holly Hobbys
Olga Volkus
Melissa Goldman
Maciel Varga
Blair Hess
Rosa Mia Hernandez
Tyler Brandon
Cary Polkovitz
Lana Sara Molano
Just V
Its Me Designs
The Hemp Butterfly
One Odd Gentleman
Cupcakes in the Lobby
Allison Kapner Originals
Le Flow Design
Melodic Muse
Heartbeatz Accessories
Funk You & Edau
ie-kandi & Threadz
Kelcie Mcquaid
Rene Gordon
Victor M Velasco

Fun Booth
FUN booth by Penelope Lane Photography

Photo exhibitions
Derrick Turner
Sean Murdock
Valyn Calhoun
Sue Buzzi
Parallax Sqared

Culunary yummyness by
Frank Mcguffin

After Party: Florida? Yeah!
Featuring Fevers and special surprise guests !!!!!!
Artist Information

For the Anniversary April 30th 2011 3pm - 12am
Set Up: Artist -Wednesday April 27, 2011(6pm-9pm)

Artist / Vendors -Friday April29 (4pm to 8pm) and Vendors April30th (1:30-3:30pm)

Since it’s formation in 2003, IWAN (Independent Working Artist Network) has been dedicated to providing opportunities for artists, within our community and beyond, to bring their visions to life. Through activities such as throwing shows at yet to be used venues like the Fort Lauderdale Saloon, being involved with events such as ArtServe’s Red Eye, and putting on large events of its own, such as 2006’s Nightmare in the Park, IWAN has been an encouraging force in the South Florida arts community for eight years strong.

In June of 2009, IWAN embarked on its latest and largest endeavor-- IWAN Concept Production Facility. (aka The Bubble) is a 3,500 square foot warehouse space that IWAN has entered and utilized as a vehicle for a wide range of creative ventures involving hundreds of people as artists, organizers, volunteers, and attendees. The Bubble has hosted over forty events (and counting) including gallery openings, live music events, film events, fashion shows, a puppet show (yep), photo shoots, music video shoots, music rehearsals, and more.

Thanks to the kindness and enthusiasm of the people who continuously bring the Bubble to life, countless connections have been made which have allowed for IWAN and the arts community as a whole to grow larger, stronger, and more energized. As the inspired people who comprise IWAN continue to happily swing hammers and dream big for the Bubble, we’re always working on new ways to nurture the presence of the arts, as well. Ultimately, we aim to continue to enable artists to connect with audiences, supporters, and each other; and wish that through our collective work we may help to bring about a more inspired and creative community and world.

IWAN facebook page
the Bubble facebook page
810 NE 4th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Be a vendor, exhibiting artist, a sponsor, or contribute in your own unique way!
*for vendor info/ application form email: say.hello.rachel@gmail.com
For vendor / Art info / please email bythewayinc@aol.com or submityou@independentworkingartistnetwork.com 
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